8 Reasons to use Forever Bright tooth gel

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Your teeth will gleam with Forever Bright, one of the best toothgels on the market. It contains no fluoride, is non abrasive, and whitens without bleaching.

 1. It contains no fluoride

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2. It is non-abrasive

Did you know that most toothpastes are abrasive, so while they scrub the plaque from your teeth they also grind away the protective enamel on your teeth?

Can you imagine scrubbing your teeth with steel wool? You wouldn’t do it to your non-stick pans, because you know abrasion just scrubs off the protective layer – so why do it to your teeth!

Abrasives constitute at least 50% of a typical toothpaste. These insoluble particles help remove plaque from the teeth. You can feel the tiny rough grains if you rub the toothpaste between your fingers. In fact, where I work, in the diving industry, we use toothpaste to scrub the protective layer off the glass in dive masks because of its abrasive nature!

The following video shows the difference in abrasiveness between regular toothpaste, and Forever Aloe Bright tooth gel. The regular toothpaste on the left, when rubbed on a plastic surface (a CD case) leaves it scratched, while Aloe Bright does not. You can easily replicate this experiment at home using a clear plastic cup or other plastic item.

The abrasiveness in regular toothpaste helps remove plaque (tooth-eating bacteria) off the teeth – but can also actually scrub the protective enamel off your teeth, leaving your teeth weak and sensitive!

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“After years of brushing vigorously with regular toothpaste, as instructed by my childhood dentist, I was left with highly sensitive teeth. I can’t drink anything with ice in it as it causes a sharp shooting pain in my teeth. 

I have now been informed by my current dentist that my tooth enamel is almost entirely worn off, and have been instructed to stop brushing so hard, or in a few years I will need new crowns! And I’m only 29! I have to apply a special cream to my teeth every night for the rest of my life, otherwise eating crunchy things is so painful it stops me from eating sometimes.

Now I’ve learned that it’s the abrasive nature of toothpaste which has done this to me, and feel so angry that I wasn’t informed about the dangers of abrasive toothpaste, and the availability of non-abrasive options, earlier in life.

I have now switched to Forever Aloe Bright and I’m glad to be able to stop doing any further damage to my teeth.”

Tanya Murphy, Forever Living Independent Business Owner.

3. Vegetarian alert: Most toothpastes contain bone marrow!

Glycerin is a common ingredient in many toothpastes and what gives the paste-like quality to it.

Although glycerin CAN be derived from plants, it is cheaper to derive from the fat taken out of animal bones.

Not only does it seem downright gross to brush your teeth with bone marrow, but recently glycerin has been under scrutiny in the dental field. It is suspected that the chemical actually demineralizes your teeth!

Forever’s Aloe Bright Gel contains no animal products and is therefore safe for vegetarians and animal lovers. All Forever Living’s products have the Leaping Bunny logo which means they are animal-friendly.

4. It whitens teeth without bleaching

As mentioned above, abrasive toothpaste polishes teeth to remove stains from tooth surfaces, but at the same time, makes the tooth enamel rough, which causes new stains to stick to them more easily and ultimately makes the teeth more stained in the long run.

Forever Bright is non abrasive so your tooth enamel can stay smooth and better resist discolouration.

5. The two main ingredients, Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis kill bacteria, clean your teeth and freshen your breath

Aloe Vera and Bee Propolis are natural, chemical-free anti-biotic and anti-bacterial ingredients which cleanse your teeth without requiring abrasion.

Years of research, development and collaboration with scholars and dentists has provided Forever Living with the optimum percentage of Aloe Vera gel needed for effective cleaning. The result is a formula that keeps breath fresh and whitens without bleaching.

Read More about the amazing benefits of Bee Propolis:

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6. Fights gum inflammation, bleeding gums, mouth ulcers and gum infections.

The combination of stabilised Aloe Vera gel and Bee Propolis soothes gums and mouth linings, and can be applied directly when brushing is too painful.

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“About six years ago I was suffering a lot with inflammation of the gums, bleeding gums, and mouth ulcers. My mum had had gingivitis and lost all her teeth to that, so I was really worried that I was going the same way. Then I discovered the Aloe Bright Gel, and within a few months the inflammation went away! It was very soothing, my mouth ulcers completely disappeared, and no more bleeding gums. Actually it halved the amount of times I had to go to the hygienist.” – Teresa Morgan-Jones, Aloe Bright user

7. Colgate and Oral-B still allow animal testing of their products

Although animal testing is prohibited in Australia,many toothpaste giants, including Oral-B and Colgate/Palmolive still test their products on animals in overseas labs. To read more, click the article below:

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8. It has a fresh minty taste without sugar

Children and adults alike love using Forever Aloe Bright tooth gel because it tastes great. Natural peppermint and spearmint flavorings leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean.

And unlike fluoride toothpaste, if children accidentally eat it, they won’t get poisoned!

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More Earth-Friendly Reasons to choose Forever:

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