I Did the 9-Day Cleanse and I Loved It: What Next?

After finishing your Clean 9 Program, you will probably be super excited to continue with the healthy habits you have adopted and the weight loss journey you have begun.

However, you will also be looking forward to eating more than one 600-calorie meal per day. It’s recommended to do the Clean 9 three or four times a year (about once every three months), but you cannot “fast” all year round.

Many of my friends experienced significant weight-loss during the nine-day program, and were anxious not to go backward after finishing it.

Luckily, it’s possible to continue your healthy habits and continue keeping weight off, and striving to further achieve your weight loss goals, by using the Forever Active Lifestyle Pack.


chloe“I do the Clean 9 three or four times a year. Many diet programs just let you put the weight straight back on again afterwards, but since I first did the Clean 9 program followed by the Active Lifestyle packs, I have continued to get healthier and fitter and achieve my weight loss goals. Maintaining a healthy weight is easy with Forever because the supplements help me get all the nutrients I need to feel energised and fantastic!”

Chloe Holmes, 27, Cairns, Australia.

Continue the Journey

For best results, it’s recommended to follow up the 9-Day Cleanse with a Forever F.I.T. Active Lifestyle Pack, which contains 30-days worth of nutrition products to help you continue with your healthy lifestyle after finishing the Clean 9.

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The pack contains the following items. Click on each item to learn more about it.

3 x Aloe Vera Gel
2 x Forever Lite Ultra
1 x Bee Pollen
1 x Forever Arctic Sea
1 x ARGI+

How does it work?

Unlike the Clean 9, the F.I.T. Active Lifestyle Pack does not contain a calorie limit, or instructions for a dietary plan. How much and how often you eat is now up to you! Hooray!

However, after doing all that work to wean your body from its addiction to processed sugary foods during the Clean 9, and experiencing how much healthier you feel as a result, you’ll want to try to maintain those healthy habits going forward. Here is a suggested diet plan:

Before Breakfast:

  • Drink 60 to 100ML of Aloe Vera every morning on an empty stomach (wait 10 minutes before drinking or eating anything – to allow the aloe to cleanse your digestive system).
  • Drink a scoop of ARGI+ in water before exercising. It increases blood flow and boosts energy to allow you to exercise more intensely.
  • Do at least 20 minutes of exercise each day


  • 1 Forever Lite Ultra shake
  • Fruit. You need to eat the WHOLE fruit to get the fibre – do NOT juice it and throw the rest away!
  • 2 Arctic Sea tablets
  • 2 Bee Pollen


  • 1 Forever Lite Ultra shake
  • 1 Bee Pollen
  • Salad


  • Eat a healthy balanced meal (minimise processed foods and sugar).

The amount of calories you consume at each meal depends on how much you are exercising and whether you want to gain or lose weight. If you are exercising heavily and trying to gain weight you may wish to eat more than just fruit and salad for breakfast and lunch. Those suggestions are for people who are trying to manage their weight or lose weight.

Take the Forever 69-Day Challenge

Want to achieve your goal weight in 69 days? Forever’s 69-Day Challenge is for you!

Start off with the Forever Clean-9 Pack (9 days) then follow up with two Forever F.I.T. Active Lifestyle Packs (30 days each) for a total program of 69 days and see the results for yourself!

Here are some stories from people who did the Forever 69-Day Challenge.

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