How to Order Anywhere in the World

My products are available for quick delivery in over 155 countries via Forever Living’s network of Head Offices. We have an easy online ordering system which will dispatch the products to you from your nearest Head Office. So no, you do not have to wait for me to mail it to you all the way from Cairns, Australia!

How to Order Online from Anywhere

Click here to visit my online store:

shop now

In the top left of the page you should see the country you want your products delivered to (in this example, Australia).

how to order 1

To order in a different country, click the dropdown menu to select from our top 21 countries as shown below:

how to order 2

As you can see, regardless of which country you select, the message in the green box in the top left corner still says “Your FLP Distributor TANYA MURPHY Welcomes You”. This means that you are on MY Forever Living online store and anything you buy will be supporting me and my business, regardless of which country you are in and which Head Office dispatches your order. Thank you!

how to order 3

Once you’ve selected your country, if you already know which specific items you want (as you have probably read about them already on my blog), just type the name of the product into the search bar on the right hand side of the screen to bring it up faster. Or browse using the categories on the left hand side of the screen. Again, make sure my name appears in the top left of the screen so you know you are still in my retail store and supporting me.

Continue shopping by placing items in your Cart and then click “Check Out” to process your secure online payment and enter a delivery address. A small postage fee applies (for deliveries in Australia it is $8.25 per order).

Payment will be displayed in the currency of the selected country. Delivery will be dispatched from the Head Office within YOUR country so don’t worry – your delivery will arrive within a reasonable time frame!

Due to product testing processes, different products are available in different countries. The product ranges in Britain and the USA, for example, are huge compared to the range in Australia, where the products are relatively new and are still awaiting approval. If you live in one of those areas, peruse the catalogue and you will find all kinds of amazing products that are not discussed on this Australian website!

If you experience any problems with this ordering process, please contact me directly for technical assistance (contact details at bottom of page).

Other Countries Not Listed On The Website

If your country is not listed on the website, just tell me your orders by sending me a text, facebook message, or carrier pigeon!

I have the contact details for the Head Office in every country and can place the order to be delivered to you within a reasonable time frame. (No, I do not have to ship it to you all the way from Australia!)

Remember, we have offices in 155 countries and can ship you products in a reasonable time frame no matter where you are!

Contact Me

Tanya Murphy, Forever Living Products Independent Distributor

Phone:          0497 022 732



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