Why You Should Drink L-Arginine Every Day

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Many top athletes use ARGI+ to stay at the top of their game, and it’s not hard to find out why. Its main ingredient, L-Arginine, is an amino acid that’s so potent, scientists refer to it as the “Miracle Molecule.” And for good reason, because our bodies convert L-Arginine into nitric oxide, a molecule that helps blood vessels relax and dilate to increase blood flow. This makes it not only life-changing for anyone suffering from high blood pressure, hardened arteries and heart disease, but also amazing for those who need to promote blood flow to their muscles for enhanced sports performance.

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How L-Arginine Works

Three scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize In Medicine in 1998 for discovering nitric oxide’s role as a vasodilator, which was touted as a complete game-changer capable of preventing and even potentially reversing heart disease, the biggest killer in our society.

The following diagram shows how our blood vessels lose elasticity and become blocked and hardened with age for the average person with an average modern Western diet. Often, we do not realise that this is happening inside us because it does not have any immediately noticeable side effects… until one day it’s too late.

l-arginine artery

Forever Living’s Argi+ contains 51% L-Arginine and was developed in consultation with Dr. Ferid Murad, one of the scientists who won a Nobel Prize for discovering Nitric Oxide. Dr Murad states that he believes it is the “Best L-Arginine products on the market.”

In a healthy endothelium (inner wall of a blood vessel), nitric oxide (NO) will keep vessels pliable and elastic, dilate (open up) blood vessels keeping blood flowing smoothly, relax blood vessels, keep platelets and white blood cells calm and prevent them from sticking to the vessel wall, prevent oxidation, slow plaque growth, suppress arteriosclerosis and melt away plaque that already exists.

argi how it works

Relaxed blood vessels and increased blood flow reduces stress on the heart, helps maintain already normal blood pressure levels, and improves circulation and overall cardiovascular function. Enhanced blood flow supports many important systems in our body:

  • Overall cardiovascular system
  • Immune system
  • Muscles
  • Bone & skeletal system
  • Male genitourinary system and erectile function
  • Blood vessels

ARGI+ has the added benefits of pomegranate, grape skin, berries, and vitamins


  • Forever’s L-Arginine drink, ARGI+ is more potent, more effective and more endorsed by sporting champions than any other Arginine supplement on the market.
  • In providing support to an already-healthy heart, ARGI+ also contains pomegranate, an ultra-powerful antioxidant that has been shown to protect the heart, cardiovascular system, brain and virtually the entire body from free radical damage.
  • ARGI+ also contains Red Wine Extract, which is high in antioxidants, anthocyanins, and polyphenols—powerful plant nutrients that protect the heart and slow the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.
  • ARGI+ also features Grape Skin and Berry Extracts for cardiovascular support, as well as Vitamin D3, a nutrient essential to calcium absorption.

Just a scoop of ARGI+® mixed with water or your favorite Aloe drink helps provide a performance boost to every part of you. Add optimal health to your family’s diet with the power of L-Arginine!

Here is another video with Dr Murad, explaining the science behind L-Arginine, and why he believes Forever Argi+’s unique blend of antioxidant ingredients makes it the best product of its type on the market.

ARGI+ For Sports and Fitness

The ingredients in ARGI+ are useful in promoting athletic performance due to their ability to boost exercise tolerance, slow oxidative stress and boost pulmonary function.

Germany’s Stefan Schmid is a professional triathlete who was the Ironman World Champion for his age group (18-24) in Hawaii in 2010, finishing nearly 7 seconds ahead of the runner up.

He has been using L-Arginine for several years. He openly endorses Forever ARGI+, even putting the Forever ARGI+ logo on his personal website! The ingredients in ARGI+ are useful in promoting athletic performance due to their ability to boost exercise tolerance, slow oxidative stress and boost pulmonary function.

Stefan Schmid: Professional Triathlete

stefan schmid

“For me, especially the improved regeneration is a major reason to take Arginine. In recent years I have tried different products from different companies. The biggest problem was always the flavour. It was not enjoyable to take the products. When I tried Forever ARGI+, I could not believe that it is Arginine! At last, an Arginine product that tastes good! The Vitamin Complex has convinced me. Since I tried Argi, I am recovering faster, I’m sick less often and feel more vital. It’s a real revolution for endurance sports. “

Matt Lawson: Great Britain Coach at 2012 Olympics. Club Nutritionist, 1st Team at Notts County Football Club. 


“Nutrition, after talent, is the biggest factor that affects athletes’ performance in the modern world. Forever Living’s Aloe Vera, especially Forever Freedom, and ARGI+ are used by us to support the athletes in terms of preparation for games to allow them to perform for longer, delaying fatigue. They also reduce the chance of injury by providing energy and increasing blood flow to tissues. The aloe vera juice contains glucosamine which has been shown to strengthen joints as well as the plant juice having nutritional benefit to tissues and the digestive tract. My findings when using these products in my work with professional football, ladies football and at the London Olympics has formed a significant part of the success achieved.”

Nicole and Lothar Leader, Professional Triathletes.


Lothar: “We always take ARGI+ after training for re-energising. It helps the blood flow and you feel fit again much more quickly after playing sport. This products is blended with L-Arginine protein. With L-Arginine as its main ingredient, ARGI+ by Forever contains your total daily dosage. It is amazing, and now we only take ARGI+!”

Nicole: “Before the (Iron Woman) competition in Hawaii, I trained fro 3 weeks in Lanzarote and took ARGI+ after every training session. Thanks to the L-Arginine I was able to keep up my training throughout the 3 weeks. That is really important for the Ironman competition, which is a real high point of the season for us triathlon athletes. We build up our strength throughout the whole year for this competition in order to get good results.”

Gunther Weidlinger: Marathon Champion, Austria.

Gunther weidlinger

Gunther Weidlinger is Austria’s most-talented long-distance runner. In March 2011, he won his country’s half-marathon championships in Weis and then came 9th in the Vienna marathon in April. He is scheduled to run in other marathons this year and in London in 2012. He already boasts 50 titles across a variety of running events in his impressive  career.

Weidlinger is a strong advocate of Forever ARGI+ and openly endorses it. He believes that it helps him to recover faster with a return to normal power in less time. He has reported a 6 second improvement in certain training times since starting the ARGI+

Weidlinger has been featured in various publications in the press and in recent editions of Laufsport magazine from Austria he is pictured after various races carrying his ARGI drink bottle that he drinks from before, during and after the race.

The special formulation of ARGI+ with the addition of the antioxidant rich Vitamin Complex to the L-Arginine make is a very versatile product. Some of the restrictions found with other L-arginine products do not apply to ARGI+.

Craig Gillies, England: Professional Rugby Player (Worcester Warriors)

craig gillis

Craig replaced all his sports supplements with Forever Living’s products after discovering their efficacy. As explained in the video below, he uses Forever Freedom, Forever Bee Pollen, and Argi+.

L-Arginine For Sexual Performance

Because it dilates blood vessels and improves blood flow, L-Arginine may improve sexual performance in men as well as act as an aphrodisiac to both men and women.

14 More Reasons to Try Argi+

Maintaining optimal cardiovascular function is critically important for long-term health. Everyone—even healthy people—should consider adding ARGI+ to his or her wellness regimen.

1. Premier Nitric Oxide Booster: ARGI+ contains L-arginine, which is essential for the production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide helps blood vessels relax, is a powerful antioxidant, and acts as a signaling molecule for crucial cellular communication.

2. Cardiovascular Support: Offering wide-ranging cardiovascular support, ARGI+ helps maintain healthy blood pressure and proper circulation.

3. Antioxidant Protection: Nitric oxide is a powerful free radical-fighting compound, and is especially effective because only small amounts are required.

4. Brain Function: Increased Nitric Oxide production via ARGI+ may enhance memory and improve cognitive function.

5. “Anti-Ageing”: The ingredients in ARGI+ boost hormone production, which contributes to warding off some of the symptoms of ageing.

6. Cellular Communication: Improved communication of messenger cells between nerves and the brain may result from using ARGI+ because of increased Nitric Oxide production.

7. Immune Support: The ingredients in ARGI+ have been shown to enhance the body’s immune function.

8. Cellular Health: Our cells need proper nutrition in order to function properly. ARGI+ provides essential amino acids and vitamins our cells need.

9. Pulmonary Function: The L-arginine in ARGI+ may be useful in opening air pathways for easier breathing and optimal pulmonary health.

10. Musculoskeletal Benefits: ARGI+ provides many of the essential nutrients needed by the muscles, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and joints that make up the musculoskeletal system.

11. Skin Health: Research has shown that L-arginine can accelerate the healing of skin abrasions, burns and wounds.

12. Prostate Health: The ingredients in ARGI+ can help improve the function of the prostate and protect it from oxidative stress.

13. Digestive Function: A healthy digestive system is essential to health and wellness. The ingredients in ARGI+ may help promote digestion and improve regularity.

14. Increased Metabolism: The ingredients in ARGI+ can help promote weight loss through improved fat and glucose metabolism.

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Medical Disclaimer:

Always consult your physician before taking these or any other health supplements. Some ingredients may interfere with your existing medications or treatments.

If you have a health condition, always follow your physician’s recommendations and prescriptions and do not discontinue a treatment or change your treatment without their advice.

The information in this website talks about the properties these products have demonstrated in scientific trials, and the benefits they have had for some people who have used them. Results may vary. Everyone is different and we cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results. The only way to see if this product works for you, is to try it!


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