The Only Genuine 100% Aloe Vera Drink in the World

All aloe drinks are not the same. Most aloe vera “juices” on the market contain only a little actual aloe vera and the rest is made up of water, flavour, preservatives and sugar. The beneficial properties are completely lost in the preservation process, so you are just wasting your money on such products. Even those health store aloe drinks advertised as consisting of “100% Aloe Vera” have been heat treated or homogenised to the point where the beneficial compounds are denatured.

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Here at Forever Living, we have the world’s ONLY patent for a unique stabilisation process which makes it possible for us to bottle our 100% aloe vera pulp without using those heat treatments and preservatives that deactivate the beneficial compounds in the aloe vera. This makes ours the most pure, concentrated and potent aloe vera gel on the market!

Imagine slicing open an aloe leaf and consuming the gel straight from the plant. Our product is as close as you can get to that!

We can GUARANTEE that no other company can produce a product equal to ours, since we have the only patent for our unique stabilisation process!

See for yourself! Here’s a comparison with other brands:

The experiment below clearly shows that our Aloe Vera drink is far more potent than other brands available on the market. You can easily replicate this experiment at home.

Our body is mostly made up of water. In this experiment, iodine has been added to the water to represent toxins, chemicals and preservatives that accumulate in our body throughout our life due to breathing unclean air, eating packaged foods, smoking, drinking alcohol, and so on. This stains the water brown. When a typical store-bought brand of aloe vera gel is added to the mixture, the water does not become clean. In fact it gets darker and dirtier due to the additives and preservatives in the inferior aloe vera gel!

When Forever’s unique aloe vera gel is added however, the results are amazing. The brown liquid instantly turns clear. This attests to the purity of Forever’s aloe vera product which is cleaning up and neutralising the toxins and chemicals in the water.

This experiment has been conducted with dozens of brands from Herbalife to Fruit of the Earth and the result is always the same. If unconvinced, you can do the experiment at home and see for yourself. No other product cleans up and neutralises toxins and chemicals like Forever’s aloe vera gel!

To read the full explanation of what makes our product the ONLY type of aloe product you should buy, click the link below.

Here’s a video showing how Forever’s aloe is harvested and processed:

This ain’t no garden-variety Aloe


You can’t just go picking random Aloe leaves from the garden. There are more than 200 species of Aloe, but there are only a handful which have medicinal properties, and the most potent one is the Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant which can only grow successfully in very specific hot, humid locations. This is the one grown by Forever Living.

The plant must be prepared carefully because the outer skin is actually poisonous (the plant’s way of protecting itself).

What’s more, it’s recommended to drink at least 60ML per day, for at least three months, if you want to see the full health benefits. That is a lot of plants! And that’s where Forever Living’s gel steps in to make your life simple! One 1000ML bottle costs only $32.12AUD and will last you for two weeks. Plus they come in 4 different easy-to-drink flavours.

More reasons to choose our aloe vera gel:

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Choose your flavour and order:

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