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Germany’s Stefan Schmid is a professional triathlete who was the Ironman World Champion for his age group (18-24) in Hawaii in 2010, finishing nearly 7 seconds ahead of the runner up.

He has been using our L-Arginine drink, ARGI+ for several years. He openly endorses Forever ARGI+, even putting the Forever ARGI+ logo on his personal website! The ingredients in ARGI+ are useful in promoting athletic performance due to their ability to boost exercise tolerance, slow oxidative stress and boost pulmonary function.

Stefan Schmid: Professional Triathlete

stefan schmid

“For me, especially the improved regeneration is a major reason to take Arginine. In recent years I have tried different products from different companies. The biggest problem was always the flavour. It was not enjoyable to take the products. When I tried Forever ARGI+, I could not believe that it is Arginine! At last, an Arginine product that tastes good! The Vitamin Complex has convinced me. Since I tried Argi, I am recovering faster, I’m sick less often and feel more vital. It’s a real revolution for endurance sports. “

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What is ARGI+ and how does it work? Read more here:

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Video Endorsement by Icelandic Professional Crossfit Champion Jakob Magnusson. He endorses ARGI+ and the Aloe Vera Drinking Gel.

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What is Aloe Vera drinking gel and what’s so great about it? Read More here:

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Matt Lawson: Great Britain Coach at 2012 Olympics. Club Nutritionist, 1st Team at Notts County Football Club. 


“Nutrition, after talent, is the biggest factor that affects athletes’ performance in the modern world. Forever Living’s Aloe Vera, especially Forever Freedom, and ARGI+ are used by us to support the athletes in terms of preparation for games to allow them to perform for longer, delaying fatigue. They also reduce the chance of injury by providing energy and increasing blood flow to tissues. The aloe vera drink contains glucosamine which has been shown to strengthen joints as well as the plant juice having nutritional benefit to tissues and the digestive tract. My findings when using these products in my work with professional football, ladies football and at the London Olympics has formed a significant part of the success achieved.”

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Jack Wallace – Professional Rugby Player

Jack wallace

“My journey in professional rugby started at the age of 18. Coming straight out of school into a daunting world of high level sport, with some big international names is enough to frighten anyone, but I’m always one for a challenge! Every day at lunchtime I take my Arctic Sea capsules, providing me with the essential omega oils that I need to stay lean. After sessions I will have my Forever Lite Ultra Vanilla Shake and another serving of ARGI+ thirty minutes pre-workout. On the way home from training I will have two Bee Pollen tablets to help maintain energy levels, along with a Freedom2Go sachet which will top me up on my much needed Aloe Vera Gel.

The reason I choose Forever products over the hundreds of other brands out there is because I know I am getting 100% natural goodness. I feel healthy and my recovery rates have improved a great deal.”

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What is Bee Pollen and how does it help with sports performance? Read more Here:

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Why should I use Forever Arctic Sea? Read More Here:

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Nicole and Lothar Leader, Professional Triathletes.


Lothar: “We always take ARGI+ after training for re-energising. It helps the blood flow and you feel fit again much more quickly after playing sport. This products is blended with L-Arginine protein. With L-Arginine as its main ingredient, ARGI+ by Forever contains your total daily dosage. It is amazing, and now we only take ARGI+!”

Nicole: “Before the (Iron Woman) competition in Hawaii, I trained for 3 weeks in Lanzarote and took ARGI+ after every training session. Thanks to the L-Arginine I was able to keep up my training throughout the 3 weeks. That is really important for the Ironman competition, which is a real high point of the season for us triathlon athletes. We build up our strength throughout the whole year for this competition in order to get good results.”

Gunther Weidlinger: Marathon Champion, Austria.

Gunther weidlinger

Gunther Weidlinger is Austria’s most-talented long-distance runner. In March 2011, he won his country’s half-marathon championships in Weis and then came 9th in the Vienna marathon in April. He is scheduled to run in other marathons this year and in London in 2012. He already boasts 50 titles across a variety of running events in his impressive  career.

Weidlinger is a strong advocate of Forever ARGI+ and openly endorses it. He believes that it helps him to recover faster with a return to normal power in less time. He has reported a 6 second improvement in certain training times since starting the ARGI+

Weidlinger has been featured in various publications in the press and in recent editions of Laufsport magazine from Austria he is pictured after various races carrying his ARGI drink bottle that he drinks from before, during and after the race.

The special formulation of ARGI+ with the addition of the antioxidant rich Vitamin Complex to the L-Arginine make is a very versatile product. Some of the restrictions found with other L-arginine products do not apply to ARGI+.

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Amelie Kober: German Professional Snowboarder, Silver Medalist 2006 Olympic Games, Arosa World Cup Finalist.

Ameliekobersnowboard_shadow (1)

“When I first tried the products, I was immediately excited. I particularly like FAB Forever Active Boost*, which contains the natural energy-enhancer guarana. It tastes good and is healthy due to its natural ingredientsSince then, I also tried the Aloe Heat Lotion after training and games and Aloe Lips for protection outdoors.

I take Forever, I feel better and I realize that the products are natural aloe-based and good for my body. During training, I am more powerful since then. With the products of Forever, I just know that the quality is right.”

*FAB is available in my USA and European online stores, but not in the Australian one.

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Video endorsement by Gian Simmen, part of Forever’s Snowboard Team:

*One of the products shown in this video, FAB Energy Drink, is available in my European and American online stores, but not in Australia. Click here to find out how you can purchase it in different countries.

gian using propolis

ABOVE: Gian uses Aloe Propolis Creme to protect his face from the elements while snowboarding.

What is Bee Propolis and why should I use it? Read More here:

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Martin Gethins: British Lightweight Boxing Champion & Personal Trainer.
martin gethins

“Over my years in boxing I’ve tried lots of different supplements and felt ok, but when I went professional I needed to up my game. I found ARGI+ which has all the ingredients to help me train harder for longer and recover faster. I take ARGI+ with Forever Freedom to help my joints from all the jumping and pounding, since using this I’ve noticed a difference, not so many aches and pains. If I do get pains I use the Heat Lotion and MSM Lotion. The heat lotion is one of my favourites as it relieves any aches straight away; I also use this to warm up my muscles before training.  Before both my main titles, I did the Forever Clean 9 to rid my body of toxins so I could absorb nutrients I need from my food. I also use the Forever Arctic Sea and Bee Pollen for energy. My other favourite product is the Forever Lite Ultra with aminotein which I I take twice daily with milk. I’ve tried most shakes on the market but this one is the best I’ve found and now recommend these products to my clients.”

What is the Forever Clean 9 Cleanse program? Read More here:

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Craig Gillies, England: Professional Rugby Player (Worcester Warriors)

craig gillis

Craig replaced all his sports supplements with Forever Living’s products after discovering their efficacy, as he explains in the video below.

Want to enhance your performance too? Get these products in the Forever F.I.T. Active Lifestyle Pack.

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More reasons to try Forever’s nutrition products:

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If you have a health condition, always follow your physician’s recommendations and prescriptions and do not discontinue a treatment or change your treatment without their advice.

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