The Secret to a Flat Stomach

Forget painful stomach crunches, complicated ab-workout machines and starving yourself to the point of misery. The secret to getting and keeping a flat stomach may be as simple as cutting sugar out of your diet.

It’s all to do with our liver. Our liver is responsible for removing poisons such as alcohol and fructose from our bloodstream by converting them into other, less poisonous (but no more welcome) substances – such as fat.

Fructose is the sweet-tasting substance which is the main ingredient in table sugar (sucrose)/cane sugar, maple syrup, golden syrup, honey, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), Agave, and nearly all other sweeteners found in food nowadays.

In its most familiar form, it’s found in that grainy white stuff which we commonly call “table sugar”, or sucrose. Sucrose is made from a type of sweet grass called sugarcane and is exactly 50% fructose. The other half is glucose, which is harmless. But it’s the high concentration of fructose that is of most concern.  As you will soon learn on this website, it is slowly poisoning our society to death.

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Many people believe that it doesn’t matter WHAT we eat, as long as we don’t eat too many calories in total. Many dieticians now believe that is NOT the whole picture. Most substances we eat (including protein, carbohydrates, lactose and fat) are converted to glucose (a good “sugar”) and distributed throughout the body to provide energy and growth to cells that need it.

Fructose however, just like alcohol, is useless to our body and is not used by any of our cells. So to get it out of our bloodstream, the liver sucks it all up and converts it to fat immediately. Therefore, fructose makes us much fatter, much faster, than any other type of food. Many of the calories we eat (e.g. from carbohydrates and protein) are actually USEFUL to our body’s cells for important functions like growth and healing. Fructose is not useful to our body at all, so 100% of all fructose we eat gets converted directly to fat.

A calorie of fructose is therefore much more fattening than a calorie of carbohydrate, or even a calorie of fat. All calories are not equal, and therefore, counting your calories is futile if you don’t pay attention to what substance those calories are made from!

Paying for it at the waistline

Fat made from fructose is stored around the liver and waistline area.

Therefore, if you have unwanted fat on your belly and waist area, it is directly related to a high consumption of sugar. Fat stored around the liver and waistline is the most dangerous place to have fat as it puts pressure on vital organs, as well as looking much less attractive!

belly fat

Quit Sugar the Easy Way

Scientists have now shown in brain scans, that sugar is addictive as cocaine. Because of this, people who attempt to quit sugar often fail. However, there is a way to make the process easy!

Evidence shows that people have a much greater success rate in quitting cigarettes when they have support, and use products such as nicotine patches to cut cravings and reduce withdrawals. People who try to go cold turkey without such support often fail because it is simply too hard, and they cave in.

Likewise, you will have much greater success in drastically reducing your sugar intake with the support of a proven cleanse program such as the Forever Clean 9.

The supplements in the Clean 9 pack help cut cravings, suppress withdrawal symptoms, and fill you up with health vitamins and nutrients, so you can survive the sugar withdrawal without giving up!

Using this program, many people have successfully cured their sugar addiction and experienced significant weight achievements in just 9 days.

After the program, they either continued to have no desire for sugar, or were able to return to eating sweet treats in moderation or on special occasions, rather than because they had addiction-fuelled cravings.


“In 9 days, with the Clean 9 program, I lost several kilograms and 9.5 centimetres off my stomach. I’m now continuing with Forever’s Active Lifestyle Pack to continue the benefits I have gained from this program.”

Tim Reilly, Dive Boat Skipper, 44, Cairns


“I do the Clean 9 three or four times a year.  It is far more effective than any diet or detox I have ever done in my life. Since I first did the Clean 9 program followed by the Active Lifestyle packs, I have maintained the weight goals that I achieved and have not put weight back on again like tends to happen after most diets.”

Chloe Holmes, 27, Cairns, Australia.

Click below to read more about the program:

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More information about how sugar makes you fat:

As the documentaries above explain in full, today’s obesity epidemic is almost entirely caused by sugar.

Due to the prevalence of low-fat products, consumption of dietary fat has decreased significantly in the past decade. The average Western person today (for example, American or Australian) eats roughly the same amount of fat as they did 100 years ago. They also eat roughly the same amount of carbohydrates and have more gym memberships, personal trainers and sporting equipment than 100 years ago. But we simply continue getting fatter!

Despite the food industry’s best efforts to divert blame onto fat, carbs and lack of exercise, clearly something else is the main culprit for the obesity epidemic..

The only thing that has a direct statistical correlation with the obesity epidemic, is the sudden and exponential increase in the consumption of refined sugar, i.e. products high in fructose.

“In the early nineteenth century, the average adult American (and Australian) was eating less than three teaspoons (12.6 grams) of added sugar (sucrose) a day. One century later that number had increased by a factor of ten, to 27 teaspoons a (113 grams) a day. Roll forward another century and we are gobbling down more than 40 teaspoons (168 grams) a day.” – David Gillespie, Eat Real Food.

us obesity

sugar consumption graph

Damon Gameau gained 8.5kg in 60 days simply by eating a low-fat, high-sugar diet

Australian actor Damon Gameau quit fructose for 3 years and had a very healthy weight. In his documentary “That Sugar Film”, he began eating sugar again at the rate of the average Australian (40 teaspoons per day). What’s scary is that he did not consume ANY confectionary or soda drinks, and gained all his sugar intake from so-called “healthy” foods like cereals, juices and low-fat sauces. He ate exactly the same amount of calories and did exactly the same amount of exercise as he had beforehand. He chose low-fat products. But with his high-fructose diet, in just 60 days he gained 8.5kg and gained 10cm of fat around his waist!

Click below to see the trailer for Gameau’s film. You can stream the entire film on YouTube for $3.99. It’s also available to hire from the Apple iTunes store for 99 cents.

Just because you don’t LOOK fat…

We all know people who eat loads of sugary food and still remain skinny. Well, if you are “lucky” enough to be one of these, that is not an excuse to continue pigging out on sugary food! The levels of fat circulating in your bloodstream and deposited in your liver can still be extremely high even if you appear thin on the outside, hence the origin of the term “TOFI” (Thin Outside, Fat Inside).

Our body is an amazing thing, and in some cases, capable of dealing with the worst kinds of mistreatment for many years before it breaks down. So some people with a poor diet, due to youth or genetics, may appear thin. But as we will soon see, it is slowly destroying the inside of your body.

The health problems related to obesity, which come under the umbrella term “Metabolic Syndrome” make us extremely sick, destroy our quality of life, cost us dearly in medical treatments, and eventually kill us.


Many of these diseases were once considered “old peoples’ problems” but frighteningly, are now being diagnosed in younger and younger people. Terrifying numbers of people in their 30s are now being diagnosed with the first signs of insulin resistance, the precursor of Type II Diabetes.

Sure, we’ve developed many clever treatments for metabolic diseases which have put a bandaid on the death rates… but wouldn’t it be better to avoid heart surgery, insulin injections, chemotherapy and all the misery they cause, by finding a way to prevent these diseases in the first place?

Click here to read more about how supposedly “healthy” low-fat products, full of sugar, are making you fat and sick:

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Fructose screws up your metabolism and your appetite, making you over-eat

Suppressing appetite should not be a continuous battle of suffering and willpower. In our natural state, it is automatic. Before the over-consumption of fructose, for thousands of years, nobody had gym memberships, nobody went on diets, and yet obesity was pretty much non-existent – even in populations where food was plentifully available. People thought about controlling their weight little more than they thought about controlling their heartbeat or their menstrual cycles. It was just another natural bodily function, controlled by hormones.

A hormone called leptin is one of the main ones responsible for telling us to stop eating when we are full, and it makes it very easy for us. Whenever we eat food like carbohydrates and fat, leptin, insulin, and other appetite-control hormones are released in large amounts which makes us feel full very quickly. Fat is especially filling, which is why it’s actually fine to eat fat, because it will fill us up quickly and we will not eat as much. Unfortunately, fructose inhibits leptin, so even when we have eaten enough, we still feel hungry! Fast food restaurants are fully aware of this, which is why they package all meals with a drink. If you consider that most people consume a sugary soda or juice with every meal, then it’s no wonder that the average person’s calorie consumption has increased by 30 per cent in the last three decades.

Take the pain out of dieting

Exercise has many wonderful health benefits, but losing weight permanently and easily is not really one of them. Sure, if you exercise like a demon and starve yourself with a low-calorie or low-carb diet afterwards, you will probably lose weight. But you’ll probably give up pretty quickly as you’ll also feel hungry and miserable.

Prior to the 1950s, doctors would never prescribe exercise for an overweight person, as it was noted that exercise simply makes you very hungry, so you eat more and thus achieve nothing. If anything, doctors noted that patients forced to lie in bed lost weight more quickly due to decreased appetite. It’s only in the past 50 years that we have somehow got it into our heads (with a push from the fitness and personal training industry) that we should be doing huge amounts of physical activity and then starving ourselves afterwards, despite how hungry and unhappy it makes us!

Fructose makes you feel very hungry, so if you force yourself to go on a “diet”, increase physical activity and reduce meal sizes, but still consume fructose, you will feel starved and miserable.That is why most diets fail, because of the incredible amount of suffering and willpower required. Plus, when you burn more calories than you consume, your body thinks you are starving so it slows down your metabolism to reduce weight loss. This means you’ll put the weight straight back on again afterwards.

If you stop over-consuming fructose however, your appetite and metabolism will reach a natural equilibrium. Then, eating small meals will become easy and painless. You will feel full, content, and satisfied after a small meal. You simply won’t be able to eat more because you will feel stuffed – so there will be no willpower or suffering required.

When you stop over-consuming fructose, you can exercise because you feel like it and it’s fun –  not because you have to in order to lose weight.

David Gillespie lost 40kg purely by giving up fructose

Before David Gillespie became an expert on sugar, he was severely obese. He had tried exercise. He had tried every diet – low fat, low carb. They made him feel miserable and starved, and did not allow him to lose weight and keep it off. Nothing worked.

Then, after some in-depth research into how sugar affects our metabolism, he tried simply giving up sugar. He didn’t change anything else. He didn’t join a gym and only exercised if he felt like it. He drank full-fat milk, and ate full-fat butter, steak, bacon and eggs, and carbs. But as soon as he cut refined sugar out of his diet completely, he stopped gaining weight and started to steadily drop weight at a rate of about half a kilo per week. This continued for two years until he had lost 40kg and was a healthy body weight. Then his metabolism and appetite reached an equilibrium, and he stayed the same healthy weight, and lived happily sugar-free, for ever after.

gillespie weight loss

He is now one of the most respected sugar experts in the world and he writes about his experiences in his books:

Read More:

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