Aloe vera and bee products have been used for thousands of years for skin and beauty. It is a natural, safe alternative to chemical skin products that simply dry and poison your skin.

Aloe vera is a non-oily moisturiser, so it does not clog the pores and therefore is safe for both dry and oily skin. Along with bee propolis, aloe vera is also anti-bacterial and therefore kills the bacteria that cause acne.

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Omega-3 Fish oil for Healthy Skin and Hair

Essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s are essential for the sebaceous glands in our skin and hair to produce sebum. Those who do not eat a lot of oily fish tend to have dry hair and/or skin as the sebaceous glands in their skin and hair follicles are unable to produce enough sebum.

Sebum is the natural moisturiser for our skin, and the natural oil for our hair, and if we don’t have enough of it, our skin can dry out causing redness and acne, and our hair can dry out causing dry, brittle, frizzy hair with split ends. Dry skin also speeds up the ageing process, and increases the appearance of wrinkles and lines, while having more sebum and slightly oily skin tends to result in the skin looking more plump and youthful.

Dry skin also causes a buildup of dead skin cells on our face which traps dirt and sebum and causes acne. By keeping our skin properly hydrated and exfoliated, and nourished with Omega-3 oils, we can keep our natural balance and have healthier, glowing skin.

The answer (if you don’t eat a lot of oily fish) is to take a Fish Oil supplement – preferably the most potent one on the market, which is Forever Living’s Arctic Sea. Because it is made from wild fish, not farmed fish, it is far more potent than other brands on the market as well as guilt-free because it is more environmentally sustainable. How? Read the article below for more information.

I have been using it for the past 2 months and my skin has improved vastly!

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Bee Propolis Creme for Your Skin

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Due to bee propolis creme’s sterilising anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it has been found by many users to be extremely effective in treating acne when applied to the skin, along with Forever’s Aloe Vera Gelly.

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“You are what you eat”

Beauticians all agree that what you put INTO your mouth has just as much impact (if not more impact) on skin health as what you put ONTO your skin. A diet high in sugar, for example, has been shown to deflate your skin cells, leading to sagging, wrinkles, decreased elasticity and therefore, to accelerate ageing rapidly. Most people with a Western diet have a very acidic diet. Consuming healthful nourishing super-foods, like aloe vera gel, can help restore the body’s PH level to normal and cleanse the body. This inner health will make the skin glow! Click below to read more.

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Medical Disclaimer:

Always consult your physician before taking these or any other health supplements. Some ingredients may interfere with your existing medications or treatments.

If you have a health condition, always follow your physician’s recommendations and prescriptions and do not discontinue a treatment or change your treatment without their advice.

The information in this website talks about the properties these products have demonstrated in scientific trials, and the benefits they have had for some people who have used them. Results may vary. Everyone is different and we cannot guarantee that you will experience the same results. The only way to see if this product works for you, is to try it!