Aloe Vera

Pulp from the leaves of the aloe vera plant has been used since ancient times for its amazing health and beauty properties. On the outside, it heals wounds, burns, skin irritations. As a non-oily moisturiser it is excellent and safe for those with acne, dermatitis, dandruff, dry brittle hair, and other irritating skin and scalp conditions. Its many compounds make it an excellent skin firming anti-ageing cream. When taken internally, as a drink, it cleanses the digestive system and nourishes the body.

Unrivalled purity

Many health and beauty products claim to contain the goodness of aloe vera and other natural and herbal ingredients. However if you read the labels carefully you will find that these products are mainly made up of water and other chemicals (the main ingredients are always listed first) with only tiny amounts of aloe vera included (often listed near the middle or bottom of the ingredients list). What’s more, preservation processes usually mean that the aloe vera in the product has been denatured and has lost most of its beneficial properties. The cheaper the product, the less aloe vera it probably contains and the less likely it is to actually work.

In our aloe-based products (e.g. soap, lotion, drinking gel, shampoo, cleansers, etc), genuine stabilised aloe vera is the MAIN ingredient, bringing you all the goodness of aloe vera in its natural, most concentrated form.

Forever Living’s patented aloe stabilisation process allows us to put the pure aloe vera pulp into the tube without reducing its purity, denaturing it or damaging its natural properties. Imagine squeezing the pulp directly from the plant itself. This is the closest you can get! And because our stabilisation process is patented, we can guarantee that you won’t find the same purity in any other aloe vera product!

Quality guarantee: Our Aloe Vera Gelly is basically identical to using the gel directly from the plant itself.

Our products are great value for money in that they ACTUALLY WORK. By paying a little more for the quality of the product, you are guaranteeing that it has been produced in a way which is environmentally sustainable and also, the fresher and purer your product, the more likely it is to work to soothe, moisturise, and heal.

What’s more, unlike some cheap competitors, our aloe is grown without pesticides, Genetic Modification, or animal testing so you are helping not only your body, but also the earth. Click here to learn more about our quality guarantee:

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