Dermatitis & Dry Skin

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“I suffered from severe dermatitis on my scalp for years and tried many different types of expensive and organic shampoo, but none of them worked. When I tried Forever Livings’ Sonya Hydrate hair products, I loved them – especially the conditioner. They are really good products, and as a result I don’t have eczema any more. Thank God I found this product!” – Catherine Roy, Montreal.

Acne, dermatitis and dry skin can be exacerbating by using skin and hair products containing large amounts of detergents and soaps.

Our aloe-based cleansers, hair products, cosmetics and skincare products are high in aloe vera and low in soap, detergent and other harsh chemicals. This makes them safe for those with skin conditions and irritations like dermatitis. Our brand, Forever Living, is officially endorsed by the British Eczema Society.

Our patented pure and natural aloe vera formula nourishes, moisturises and cleanses without clogging pores or irritating and drying the skin. It leaves your skin and hair clean and sanitised, while being much more gentle on your skin than other chemical soaps and detergents.

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Omega-3 Fish oil for Healthy Skin and Hair

Essential fatty acids like omega-3s are essential for the sebaceous glands in our skin and hair to produce sebum. Sebum is the natural moisturiser for our skin, and the natural oil for our hair, and if we don’t have enough of it, our skin can dry out causing redness and acne, and our hair can dry out causing dry, brittle, frizzy hair with split ends.


The answer (if you don’t eat a lot of oily fish) is to take a Fish Oil supplement – preferably the most potent one on the market, which is Forever Living’s Arctic Sea. Because it is made from wild fish, not farmed fish, it is far more potent than other brands on the market as well as guilt-free because it is more environmentally sustainable. How? Read the article below for more information.

I have been using it for the past 2 months and my skin and hair are way more healthy-looking than before. This stuff is amazing, it is hands down the best natural boost to my beauty I have ever had, without having to put on any makeup or visit a hair dresser!

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“You are what you eat”

Beauticians all agree that what you put INTO your mouth has just as much impact (if not more impact) on skin health as what you put ONTO your skin. A diet high in sugar, for example, has been shown to deflate your skin cells, leading to sagging, wrinkles, decreased elasticity and therefore, to accelerate ageing rapidly. Most people with a Western diet have a very acidic diet. Consuming healthful nourishing super-foods, like aloe vera gel, can help restore the body’s PH level to normal and cleanse the body. This inner health will make the skin glow! Click below to read more.

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Medical Disclaimer:

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