Sustainable Fish Oil

These days, a large proportion of fish oil supplements come from farmed fish, which are strongly opposed by environmentalists and health experts alike.

Just like factory farms on land, fish farms are plagued by problems including pollution, disease and inferior nutritional quality. Pollution from fish farms is destroying the ocean ecosystem.

The fish farming industry does NOT help reduce overfishing of wild fish; in fact it increases it, because the farmed fish are fed wild fish. Many species of wild fish are being fished to the point of extinction to feed the farmed fish! It takes 5kg of wild fish to feed a farmed fish to the point where it produces 1kg of meat. So therefore it is much more wasteful.

Farmed fish also have questionable nutritional value due to being fed antibiotics and a diet supplemented with soy and grains. This greatly decreases the Omega-3 content in fish oil from farmed fish.

Why waste money on cheap fish oil tablets that don’t work? Forever’s fish oil tablets are made from healthy wild fish. This makes them more sustainable, as well as much higher in Omega-3 and therefore more effective. Like all Forever’s products, they are great value for money in that THEY ACTUALLY WORK.

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